Hastingwood Dressage Group

I do like to do some shadow puppetry.

Here's my impression of a Box Jelly Fish!

Or is it a Space Invader?

Let us know if you have any pictures that you would like featured in the gallery?

Wot's that?
  Wot is-it?
    Wot's that then?

A camera?
  Takes pictures?
    Wot's them's then?

Can ya peel it?
  Like an apple
    Is it edible?

    Gis a taste then?

Hastingwood Dressage Group
Hastingwood Dressage Group

I'm a well~red horse.
Articulate, of course.

I'm red every day.
Well~red, some say.

I'm as red as Heinz
tomato ketchup sauce!

How many sheep's it take to fill a pen then?

None of course.

You fill a pen with ink!

Hastingwood Dressage Group
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Hastingwood Dressage Group

Hastingwood House
Hastingwood Road
Harlow, Essex CM17 9JX

Telephone: 01279 626263

eMail: enquiry@hastingwooddressagegroup.co.uk