• RoR (Retraining Of Racehorses)

• AnimaLife (Specialists In Equine Supplements)

• Equus Imports (Supplier of Innovative Equine Products)

• Laura Fiddaman (Equine Event Photographer)

• Baileys Horse Feeds (Creative Equine Nutrition)

• HaySoft (Forage Reinforced Haylage Supplies)

• BedSoft (Quality Horse Bedding)

• Spillers (Leaders In Equine Nutrition)

• KM Elite Products (Absolutely Everything Equine)

• Pure Feed (Natural Nutritional Horse Feed)

• Essex Horse Transport (Certified & Insured Equine Travel)

• Allen & Page (Quality Horse Feeds)

• Lintbells (Natural Pet Health, made simple)

• Science Supplements (Real Science ~ Research ~ Results)

• Sunshine Tour (Achievement In Dressage)

• Conor Fenlon (The Acorns Equine Clinic)

• Equine Products UK Ltd (Pioneering Frontiers in Nutrition)

• Norbrook (Domicile Pharmaceutical Company)

• Chapelstone (Equestrian Facilities Construction)

• Protexin Equine Premium (Probiotics Health Care)

• Horslyx (High Spec Vitamin & Mineral Licks)

• Equimins (Natural Equine Supplements)

• Essex Animal Feeds (Pivotal Producer & Wholesaler)

• DKS Transport (Equestrian Transport Services)

• Ingatestone Saddlery Centre (Equine Products Store)

• EasiBed (Dust Free, Supportive Equine Bedding)

• Red Horse (Innovative Health Care Products)

• Silverfeet (Barrier Protection Hoof Balm)

• Aviform (Innovative Equine Supplements)

• Sophie Allen (Veterinary Physiotherapist)

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Hastingwood Dressage Group

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Telephone: 01279 626263

eMail: enquiry@hastingwooddressagegroup.co.uk